Tuesday, 29 December 2009

December Summary

Been a long while since the last update. The busiest December ever with events in every weekend, not forgetting the workpiles in office due to end year rush (It's not a bad thing actually) Call tis an update or whatever just for the sake of posting one to make a complete "one post every month" routine.

As mentioned in last post, went to Hong Kong for 3 days for urgent biz trip. Still managed to find time to go for night shopping despite of our tight schedule. Just gotta make tis my next post topic soon. Mahikari Youth Group Jamboree was then held on the 3rd weekend of December. Permitted to hold the important role of chairperson of organising committee. Must say it was a blast, besides having eye-opening experiences being in the background ensuring all things run smoothly. Of cos, tis wont be possible without the support of the other members & His blessings.

The annual Akurian trip is just around the corner, departing in 2 days time. Not sure why, but this time again to Langkawi, where we went last year. Badly need a holiday to release the tension. Works are still ongoing despite of most people being in holiday mood already. One more day tomorrow....

Saturday, 21 November 2009

HK...I'm on the way

Packing luggages for biz trip to HK tomorrow. Will spend 3 days over in our office in airport. The Japs said it's to study the HK system & operational procedures and checking if it's can be implemented into Malaysian environment..The stuffs looked good on presentation. We'll see how it goes then. Could have spent extra nite in HK but everyone seems impatient wanting to know the report of findings that I need to give the next day. **sigh**..blog bout tis soon

Monday, 9 November 2009

4 Wedding Occasions & A Couple

The title is clearly stated. 4 wedding occasions held over 3 weeks, solely for a couple, namely Ray & SL. Not whining, but just unusual arrangement. Add in several colourful characters into the scene such as the Akurians (& their partners in crime) and u have 3 eventful weekends, which I can safely say memorable enough for the couple to remember for a generation at least.

The album with CD intact, proudly displayed at the champagne corner

It's all started with the gathering during Raya eve (1 week before the 1st week) for a project. See, if people like Theva can be the first person to arrive, u know it's a damn important project to come up with gift of sorts for the soon-to-be-wed couple. We produced this MTV style video presentation featuring ourselves (Too obscene to be shown here) plus photo album for the couple. 1 week later, there's the wedding dinner held first in restaurant near Bukit Bintang. Beautiful setting in a cosy (although small) area. No prize for guessing which table is the noisiest & has the loudest cheers during the "yam seng" drink session.

Our breaking point: When glasses broke

Move on to the next week, we have this pre-wedding buffet in the groom's house. Hell broke loose as the night went along. With consent from his parents, the plan is a surprise attack for Ray with flour & water. Witnessed by all his relatives, groom was left to fight for his survival with attacks from all corners with water & packets of tosai flour. With those Akurian peeps, u can expect "conspiracy within a conspriracy" whereby even Maj, Nei & myself also got attacked without any of us knowing it. I'm still trying to figure out who was the first to throw flour on me. Poor Ray with the 3rd surprise attack on him. We can't be blamed though, u always "create" the perfect setting & occasion for the peeps.

Here we go....

It's war....

The next day, we braced ourselves for another potentially dangerous occasion, the bride pick-up at SL's house at Ampang. Arrived at the doorstep of SL's house, we were faced with several challenges thrown by the bride's friends. There's food & drinks of all 4 tastes (sweet, sour, bitter & salty), waxing of leg hair (Hail the great Phil), calligraphy writing by groom, rap+beat box session by groom & mates and tens of packets of ang pows given away. Negotiation finally completed after 45 minutes. Thankfully, we're given challenges relatively modest by KL standard.

Gang preparing for toast, drinking whatever that's given....

We drove up north to Ipoh on the next weekend where the groom held another session of dinner for his Ipoh relatives. Rather, this is an excuse for us to have another fun trip together. Stayed in this Ritz Garden hotel presidential suite where it has an adjacent private pool, sauna, steam room & jacuzzi. A heavenly resting place & perfect area to leave our marks. Honestly, everybody mind is already in the pool, even during our dinner in restaurant. Spent 5 hours in the pool for camwhoring sessions to find the perfect shots. Had the best Ipoh "hor fun" in Ipoh Old Town for breakie the next day. We then proceed for another camwhoring session in Gua Tempurung before calling the end of 3 freakily mad weeks.

The gang with the sauna. jacuzzi & steam room behind

One of many camwhore shots taken in the pool

To Ray & SL, do enjoy the ride together. It won't be easy but faith & care for one another will make the journey worthwhile enough to last u a lifetime. Just a piece of an Uncle's mind..:)

Monday, 12 October 2009

Random Shots in Melaka

Showcasing some random shots taken in recent Melaka trip. Now I understand why photo enthusiasts love Melaka so much.

Serenity along Melaka river bank

Arsenal of the Porta de Santiago

Old pre war shophouses along the river bank


Open area in a typical Baba Nyonya home, converted into a hotel

Hall in Hotel Puri, filmset of the Singaporean film "The Little Nyonya"

Indoor garden inside the home

Monday, 5 October 2009

Celebration of Union

Putting food aside, the actual reason for our recent Melaka was to witness an important event for our family. Bro & his gf, Janice moved a level up in their 8 years relationship (I think) by exchanging their vows on so-called auspicious date 090909. Total of 99 couples participated in a mass registration event on that day. Personally, I think the obsession of those auspicious marriage dates are all gimmick & has nothing to do with superstitions or customs whatsoever.

Anyhow, it was a beautiful celebration of unions on that day. Mom & Dad did not show it, but I knew they're really anxious & nervous about the day & anything else related prior to the day. Hard to explain it but it's like awaiting the birth of new baby in the family. Both families met for the first time but all talked as if everyone already knew of each other.

Congrats to the couple

99 balloons up in the air

Welcome to the family, Janice !!

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Food Gastronomic Trip - Melaka

Making a foodie's trip can be frustrating at times, especially if the places are popular haunts with long queues. One of the way to avoid this is to do it during weekdays. Recent weekday trip to Melaka provided us the satisfaction of having good food with minimal queue. Actually, our family was there for a bigger occasion, witnessing the marriage registration for my bro, which shall be blogged later. As it's only 1.5 hours drive from KL, worth a second trip for "makan makan "next time.

Satay Celup (Restoran Ban Lee Siang, Jalan Ong Tee Kui)

Handmade Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball (Restoran Chung Woh, Jonker Street)

Hainanese Chicken Rice (Restoran Chung Woh)

Nyonya Cendol

Nyonya Rojak

Fresh Prawn Wonton (Note the 2 prawns in one wonton piece)

Durian Cendol

Friday, 18 September 2009

Gasing Hill Climb

I always dream to climb Mount Kinabalu one day, one of the things to do before I die. Before conquering the BIG one, u gotta start with the small one first to check ur standing. Even if ur exercising regularly, it does not means that u will have good endurance & stamina; something I learnt from the Fitness First trainer. The recent Gasing Hill climb during the Koran holiday was the perfect start to gauge that.

I just loved working in Selangor. During Selangor state holiday, great feeling to see people with their busy lifestyle while u just relaxing, doing ur own things at ur own sweet time...:) Went together with few of the Mahikari youths. For ur info, Gasing Hill was a reserved green area (I think it's a mini forest reserve) situated in Petaling Jaya. People frequented the place for its mini jungle walk. We started at the back entrance at 9am & ended at main entrance in one hour. I must say I underestimated this activity, thinking it will be a walk in the park. At the end of the walk, whole shirt was soaked with sweats. Some climbs are quite steep although trails are easy to follow. The result of endurance standing?? Passable but can be better. A second visit?? Yes, just need to get a face towel next time.

When stamina deteriorated after a tough strenous activity, energy from food will be required. Dim sum brunch is perfect to serve the purpose. And we went to this Key Way restaurant in Paramount Garden, which serves wide arrays of dim sum & other deserts. Food was surprisingly good at this modest place that we just keeping asking for the waiters with baskets (with steamed dim sum) to bring on the food. Price? Little bit higher than the rest but u just wouldn't mind paying more if the food was good. Really need to go back there again !! It's situated just in front of the post office in Paramount Garden, Petaling Jaya.

Layout map of Gasing Hill

One of the climbs up

Main entrance to the park

Steaming hot Dim Sum

More varieties !!!

Remember this name. I'm already checking out the day to visit here again

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Sounds of Silent Dreams

Heard before of any drum performance by groups of Deaf? Sounds impossible but it's true. There's one who's consisted of multi racial deafs youths from YMCA & called themselves Deafbeat. One look at their performance, u wouldnt have thought of them actually being deaf. Personally knew most of the team members as friends of my sister who is also deaf.

Went to KLPac (Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre) recently to check out "Sounds of Silent Dreams". The highlight of course being the Chinese drum performance as opening. Perfectly synchronized drum beatings, coupled with superb teamwork & coordination, no wonder Nazir Razak of CIMB Foundation, the team patron & sponsor called them his "babies". So much so that the team was invited for a performance in Deaf Paralympics (deaf version of Olympics) in Hong Kong last year. The latest project was for them to be involved in theatre play & their latest play given the title above. Story tells of a boy who got entangled into a dream after a hard day work. Too bad camera not allowed into the hall, couldn take photos of the performers in actions. Anyhow, the play completed last 30th August & heard that it received rave reviews from press alike. Way to go guys & babes !!!! How about the dance musical by the deaf next??

Title of play

Rave reviews from media

Japanese styled restaurant in the garden nearby KLPac

Koi fishes in the garden pond

Monday, 31 August 2009


What's Merdeka means to you?

Questions being asked over & over and published in newspapers year after year. And you got basically the same answers year after year, that too only during this period of time. 50 years ago, we are still celebrating our independence from our colonial masters. 30 years ago, we insists unity is the strength to pull us through & moving a step ahead.

Almost one decade into the new century & we're still talking about the same old story about bridging the gap between the races. Funny thing is unity seems to be only discussed during this time of the year. It's like reflecting on your love relationship with your loved ones only on Valentine Day. Reflection, should be done on daily basis & not only once a year. Making me wondering are we really that fragile that we need constant reminders about keeping united with one another. Or this is just the hype played up by the attention seeker politicians? Policymakers & those up there should be talking about the how to improve ourselves in the competitive economy etc as one nation instead of telling us to be "mindful" of way we talk, tolerance etc.

Felt sorry for those racial bigots, do continue doing with whatever ur currently doing with whatever intentions ur having. Ultimately, ur to answer to Him at the end of the day when ur time is up. God fearing Muslims call it "balasan", Buddhists call it "karma". What's up with people like me?? I'll just wait to put my opinion into ballot box in the next election meanwhile being thankful to Him for giving me the great multi racial friends. Grateful for them to recommend me the good food sold in the Ramadhan bazaar in town. Grateful for them to teach me the proper etiquette on how to eat banana leaf rice. Grateful for them to teach me how to curse in their native language.

Happy Merdeka, everyone !!!

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Devils Came To Town

Attended the 1st friendly match between Manchester United & Malaysian national team recently. Went thru massive traffic jam in Kesas highway before reaching the stadium. Reached the stadium bout 1 hour before the match to see crowd in red & only in red all over the places.

Went straight into the stadium in order to get good seat & the Malaysian team was warming up then. Apparently, this is the Malaysian Under 23 team in disguise with addition of 4 senior overaged players. Frankly speaking, everyone thought this is will be a walk in the park for the Devils. Deep inside, I just hope the young Tigers team can play their heart out, giving the Devils a good workout. Starting lineup looked impressive with almost all the Devils first team players in action. From Van der Sar till Rooney, they really looked imposing. By the 30th minute, Devils is 2-0 up with goals from Rooney (I thought it was offside!!!) & Nani. And then the unexpected magical moment came, out of nowhere Amri Yahya nodded down a goal kick from the keeper & send a 35 yarder half volley, crashing the ball into MU goal. Van der Sar, being off position was totally helpless & stunned. Boy, u should look at his face reaction on the screen....truly a world class goal & causing everyone jumping for joy. (that's showed we're still Malaysians anyway)

Second half saw the Malaysian team playing with more vigour. Ben Foster was probably still getting used to the field when he miscued a backpass allowing Amri again to take opportunity to equalise the score. 2-2, something unimaginable in real life. Towards the 84th minute, I seriously thought the score will remains till Michael Owen showed his predatory instinct to slot home the winner to give the Devils a close 3-2 win. Not a bad game for the Malaysians for this match even though they eventually lost the 2nd match to MU again 2 days later.

The players marching into the field

Devils on the corner. Paying more $$ could have got me better photos

One of the counter attack forays into MU's half
Owen & Macheda to the fore. Expect to see more of this pairing in future matches

Crowd in red...

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Durian Durian...

Talking the "Eat As Much As U Can" promo, be it for Dim Sum, hotel buffet spread etc, may not get people take notice. Apply the promo to durians & people all over the town will get crazy, scrambling to have a try at least. Currently, there's 3 stalls in SS 2, Petaling Jaya having this promo for a month now. Situated just behind BHP petrol station & within walking distance from the police station, these stalls are always packed with people waiting to get a taste of the King of Fruits.

Even though stalls are in SS2, temptation just too strong for me & tried 3 times already. Once in each of the 3 stalls...these are some rules & observations. Promo only applicable on weekdays. U can't choose the durians, they are brought to you by the staffs, either u take it or leave it. True to their promise of "pau sek" (Guaranteed Good), those staffs will open up the durians first for u to see. Good quality ones shall be sold to u at price per kg. Price ranges from RM 10.00 to RM 30.00 per kg for an above average quality durian. The favourites are the always reliable D24, Udang Merah (Red Prawn or Ang Heh), Hor Lor, Musang King & Bukit Beruang species. Here, it's like a gold market, the higher the price range, the better the quality. So, ur looking at 3 pieces for RM10.00, dun have too high of an expectation.

The one found not to be of standard will be put aside in separate baskets.The staffs will open & open till you're satisfied with the quality. The one in separate baskets earlier are then offered to the "promo takers". Not to say these are the rejected stocks but overall, it's fairly acceptable when ur paying just RM 10.00 to eat till u drop !!! If ur lucky, u may get to eat the great quality ones especially on the unsold units. As durians normally last maximum of 2 days upon harvest, the stall guys will have no choice but to open the unsold units & offer them as part of promo. At least, they still got paid for it at RM10.00 per pax. Joining me for the next visit???

The all-time favourite D 24 species sold at Rm14.00 per kg

Staff opening durians for patrons

D24 - Golden Yellowish in colour, truly heavenly

How not to be tempted when a piece like this is as big as your palm??

Monday, 29 June 2009

Farewell to a King (1958-2009)

Dear MJ,

REMEMBER THE TIME when u was deemed as a BAD guy & to the extent a DANGEROUS, SMOOTH CRIMINAL?? You didnt give it a damn & I dun think most of us did either. Instead, you let the music BEAT IT with your own style, giving us a THRILLER with your music videos which revolutionise the industry. And more, you HEAL THE WORLD with your enlightening songs, captivating millions of people. For you, WE ARE THE WORLD who can make the changes. And you know YOU ARE NOT ALONE in your fight for betterment of the society in this world of misgivings. In your eyes, there is no BLACK OR WHITE people, but only God's children. The EARTH SONG also showed that environment is also your major concern.

And for me, you're GONE TOO SOON as you're capable of giving more. Children around the world, especially are waiting, wondering WILL U BE THERE to give your hand to them. Perhaps God has His plan for you thus, brought you closer to Him. Rest in peace & I'm counting my luck for living in generation blessed enough to enjoy your music.

Yours sincerely,

Your Lifelong Fan...

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Random Shots in China

Some random shots taken during the China trip with the newly bought Panasonic DMC LX-3.

Taken at Splendid of China park, Shenzhen

My fave, taken in Shenzhen hotel. It must be challenging to sell this hairdryer brand in a Cantonese-speaking market like Shenzhen
Comfort at Sheraton Dongguan

Lake scenery outside the Keyuan Garden
Shot at Keyuan Garden pond, Dongguan

Gazebo overlooking the countryside in Lotus Hillpark, Panyu
The council building outside Canton Hotel

Superb workmanship shown in carving

Brightly litted bridge over Pearl River