Monday, 12 October 2009

Random Shots in Melaka

Showcasing some random shots taken in recent Melaka trip. Now I understand why photo enthusiasts love Melaka so much.

Serenity along Melaka river bank

Arsenal of the Porta de Santiago

Old pre war shophouses along the river bank


Open area in a typical Baba Nyonya home, converted into a hotel

Hall in Hotel Puri, filmset of the Singaporean film "The Little Nyonya"

Indoor garden inside the home

Monday, 5 October 2009

Celebration of Union

Putting food aside, the actual reason for our recent Melaka was to witness an important event for our family. Bro & his gf, Janice moved a level up in their 8 years relationship (I think) by exchanging their vows on so-called auspicious date 090909. Total of 99 couples participated in a mass registration event on that day. Personally, I think the obsession of those auspicious marriage dates are all gimmick & has nothing to do with superstitions or customs whatsoever.

Anyhow, it was a beautiful celebration of unions on that day. Mom & Dad did not show it, but I knew they're really anxious & nervous about the day & anything else related prior to the day. Hard to explain it but it's like awaiting the birth of new baby in the family. Both families met for the first time but all talked as if everyone already knew of each other.

Congrats to the couple

99 balloons up in the air

Welcome to the family, Janice !!