Friday, 23 July 2010

Accepting & Overcoming

If ur diagnosed with a terminal case disease & doctor gives u 2 months to live, how would u accept it? Another question is would u inform ur families?

Attended a relative's funeral recently. He was diagnosed with advanced stage liver cancer. Prior to his death, he informed family members that all is in preliminary stage & that the cancer cells are under control. It's only after his sudden collapse which leads to his death days ago, families were informed of his actual condition which he did not disclose to members. His reason for doing this lies together with him and would not be known. Knowing his character, he probably do not want to cause distress & inconvenience to family members if he's to disclose his disease details. Instead he prefers to suffer alone rather than together with his families.

He couldnt be blamed for his decision now that he's gone. I truly believe one of the reason God gives us family & friends is to share our joy & sorrow with them. This is so that we can get the strength from the love & support to move on. True, death is inevitable. Accepting death together with the families will at least help the person to "go" without any attachment and with free mind and peaceful state. I've seen people in that situation (when death is foregone conclusion and person only waiting time to "go") but dont want to leave yet. U can really see it in their faces as if they're saying "I've got so many things to do for my families etc and I dont want to leave here yet!!! " and that leads to more sorrow to the families who are helpless by then.

What will you do if ur in this situation?