Sunday, 8 January 2012


I know, I know this blog seems dead and almost one year since the last post and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 everyone !!! At least, Im here and making efforts to resurrect it rite? What make me to do this again? Not really sure but judging from daily hits received despite da blog being dead for a year, its kinda encouraging here to revive it again. Posting a review the year 2011 below, and yes Maj, this seems like ur format and yes, i said it is. At least it gave me an inspiration to write again after a year hiatus..:)

Beginning the rainy new 2011 year in Cherating with the usual Akurians gang

With the management team of ma current company. Got a news of being promoted to manager. Been a roller coaster ride really as there's many things need to be done to improve the team but still hanging on there....Pray for me

At Great Wall of China, Beijing during annual trip with family & close family friends

Best activity enjoyed: Going "jalan jalan cari makan" all over the country which I called a food haven. Posted the photos on my FB album

Enjoying King of Fruits at a durian farm in Penang. This has to be one of the best random decision I've ever made, driving all the way to Pearl of Orient with buddy just to have a taste of it. It's now been announced as an annual pilgrimage trip

Brother got married to a wonderful lady on Boxing Day. Great wedding celebration & the best wedding dinner I've attended. Welcome to the family, Janice !!

Ending the year with "u know who" gang at the place where its all begins, Pangkor. Seems routined now but I personally enjoyed every moment really peeps & thank you for allowing me to be myself....:)