Friday, 20 December 2013

Journey Into A Deaf World

This is my first post about my journey into the world of disabilities, specifically the deaf world. It's a wonder really why I never write a single post on this before this, considering me having a deaf sister (and now, a deaf brother-in-law as well) and my long involvement with the deaf-related activities. Probably inspired after the recent assignment as interpreter in the Deaf Moolah function after a long lapse from being an interpreter besides wanting to educate more people about deafness.

Thanks to my parents, both my brother and I, together with our sister of course, were made to participate in the deaf-related activities the moment we knew we had a deaf sister. We went for day-trip outings, charity events, sports events, family support group trips & others. Hence, brother and I learned sign language by interacting with the other deaf teenagers. And with other deafs like Jessica, Kevin, Jimmy, Esther, Mian Wai & others, we grew up & learned together, by participating in these activities. And these wonderful memories are still certified fresh in my mind till today.

When I graduated, I got enrolled into sign language classes in YMCA Brickfields while looking for a job. Got a Level 2 certificate & had many opportunities to be a volunteer interpreter in many events. OK, some of it are actually paid assignments & most of the time, being an unofficial interpreter for my sister too in activities such as family events etc. When I said being an interpreter for the deaf, this means me being a listener to a hearing speaker & translate it thru sign language to the deaf. It is thru these assignments too that I was exposed to the deaf culture & also to see for myself the level of awareness of the general public towards the deaf, which sadly still lacking today. Today post will be starting of those posts which I will provide some information of the deaf-related issues to all.

With other hearing interpreters in Deaf Moolah, a financial event catered for the deaf

It is this one event which touched me till today on being passionate of being a volunteer. I was assigned to be a volunteer interpreter for this deaf child participating in a Girl Scout gathering held in Brickfields some 10 years ago. I was prepared then, thinking it was a simple task interpreting for a 12 years old deaf child, which I don't need to scratch my head too much to sign those complicated words/phrases. Little that I realized later that this girl, Sharmila was diagnosed with a rare disease which caused her to be deaf & had a deteriorating visibility (which will cause her to go blind eventually). One look at a deaf/half blind 12 years old child, wearing 2 hearing aids & a thick high powered glasses (almost a microscopic powered), my heart just sank there & then. It was a real challenging time, not able to concentrate thinking about her condition, asking myself why she's made to suffer like this at such a young age while dealing with her 2 disabilities at the same time. To sign, I need to hold her hands & did the signing using her hands. To imagine this in a simple way, it's like playing with a giant Barbie doll. Despite of her disabilities, Sharmila seems to be able to accept her disabilities, judging from her behavior of being active & wanting to run & join the activities with other kids.

This serves as an eye-opener for me really, for we should be very grateful for everything that God has given us especially with a healthy mental & physical body. With this, it is our moral responsibilities to show gratitude for what we had by giving back to the society. And it is also explained why it pissed me off whenever I see children/youths today complaining of everything else under the sun but themselves & yet not doing anything about it. Worse still, nowadays you see parents who should be providing the correct education to the children, doing inhumane things like dumping the babies. There's also minor ones like complaining for their children not being clever enough than other people & other ridiculous reasons.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan - Seremban

Seremban city, being 1 hour drive away from Kuala Lumpur has always been a favourite stopover for the south-bound drivers. And here am I, dragging along some Seremban-based colleagues for a gastronomic trip in the city.

A must-eat food in Seremban has to be the famous Yee Kee beef noodles for breakfast. The original stall no 748 is located at the food court on top floor of the Seremban wet market. Coming here on normal weekend, you will need to wait at least 30 minutes for a bowl of beef noodles. That too, if you're lucky to get to find a place to sit. Best is to have this meal, dry type. The beef slices were tender, the machine-made noodles were smooth. The sauce? Hmmm...They just knew the right amount of special sauce to be put into the bowl. After u stir all all of them together in the bowl, u can see everything in the bowl were perfectly mixed. Not too dry, not too wet either. You need 2 bowls to be really enjoying this food. First bowl to get the first-hand taste of it. The second one is to enjoy the smoothness of the noodles, with its special sauce & the tenderness of the meat. It's no wonder even customers from Singapore dropped by here for it.

Dry beef noodles after being stirred

10 minutes away, is Restoran Yi Poh at Jalan Seng Meng Lee off Jalan Temiang to take its famous Dry Lou Shi Fun for lunch. Unlike the usual shorter version, this lou shi fun is longer, with smoother texture similar to the ones used for assam laksa. Except for the smooth texture of the noodles, nothing much special on this. Still, worth a try for the experience.

Yi Poh Lou Shi Fun

If you didn't pack siew pao (pastry filled with lard/chicken pieces) to be brought home, it's as if you never visit Seremban. This is Seremban most famous export, spreading far & wide to Singapore & even to China I heard and causing many imitation brands sprouted all over Klang Valley. Mind you, if you're looking for original Seremban brand siew pao in Klang Valley, only Kee Mei brand has actually expanded to other states. Here, I was brought to this Kedai Siew Pau Asia, situated just opposite Restoran Yi Poh. Here, u see freshly baked breads/pastries been taken immediately after being brought out from oven. Siew Pao is one of those pastries best taken while it's hot. Unlike many in KL, when you took it at first bite, you got to eat more of its meat fillings than its puffy layer and that hit the bull's eyes. Besides, it was not too sweet & clearly the best siew pao I've tasted.

One of many types of freshly made buns sold

Siew Pao, fresh from the oven

Lastly, got to stop at Kedai Makanan Seremban at Jalan Tuanku Munawir. At 4.30pm, you got to see people queuing up & looking for empty tables. Unsure if this is their late lunch or early dinner. Here, practically all tables have its famous baked crabs. The crabs baked with a sticky, special marmite-like sauce. Although slightly pricey at RM 48/kg then (unsure about the price now), the meat was fresh & baked at the right time, giving it a tenderly hot taste. It could have been better if they used a bigger-sized crabs. Probably due to longer time to bake bigger-sized crabs, they used medium sized ones instead.

Baked crabs

GPS Coordinates:
Stall 748, Yee Kee Beef Noodles
N2 43.824 E101 56.197

Restoran Yi Poh
N2 44.044 E101 56.421

Kedai Siew Pau Asia
N2 44.044 E101 56.421

Kedai Makanan Seremban
N2 43.977 E101 56.058